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PhD students are encouraged to have both outcrop and subsurface components to their research projects. Our research group consists of students with varying backgrounds ranging across Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering.


SPODDS is currently seeking Ph.D. and M.S. students for many exciting projects throughout the world. If interested, please contact Steve Graham or Erik Sperling for more information.

Course Catalog Links


  Course Number   Title
GES 151 Sedimentary Geology and Petrography: Depositional Systems (LOWE/GRAHAM)
GES/ENERGY 146, 246 Reservoir Characterization and Flow Modeling with Outcrop Data (GRAHAM/MUKERJI/TCHELEPI)
GES 213 Special Topics in Sedimentary Geology (LOWE)
GES 258 Introduction to Depositional Systems Depositional Systems (LOWE)
GES 250 Sedimentation Mechanics (LOWE)
GES 251 Sedimentary Basins (GRAHAM)
GES 252 Sedimentary Petrography (LOWE)
GES 253 Petroleum Geology and Exploration (GRAHAM)
GES 257 Clastic Sequence Stratigraphy (TIM MCHARGUE)
GES 258 Depositional systems
GES 259 Stratigraphic Architecture (TIM MCHARGUE)
GES 255 Basin and Petroleum System Modeling (KEN PIETERS)
GEOPHYS 112 Exploring Geosciences with MATLAB (MUKERJI)
GEOPHYS 162 Laboratory Methods in Geophysics (VANORIO)
GEOPHYS 222 Reflection Seismology (KLEMPERER)
GEOPHYS 223 Reflection Seismology Interpretation (KLEMPERER/GRAHAM)
GEOPHYS 260 Rock Physics for Reservoir Characterization (DNORKIN)
GEOPHYS 262 Rock Physics (MAVKO)
ENERGY 130 Well Log Analysis (LINDBLOOM)
ENERGY 125 Modeling and Simulation for Geoscientists and Engineers
ENERGY 160/260 Modeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences
ENERGY 230 Advanced Topics in Well Logging (LINDBLOOM)
ENERGY 167/267 Engineering Valuation and Appraisal of Oil and Gas Wells, Facilities, and Properties
ENERGY 141/241 Practice of Geostatistics and Seismic Data Integration (MUKERJI)